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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dinner in town after Linderhof Palace

Outside of the resturant, I believe we were in Oberammergau Germany( this is a town that holds the passion play every four years, the people of the town grow their hair long to play the parts of the time period of Jesus)
Walt had the Deer Stew. it was fabulous!!
The boys
Walter didn't like his "orange"
Diane's dumplin soup
Emily trying some dumpling soup
Walt's Deer Stew
The whole gang, nice dinner!

Linderhoff Palace Germany April 2010

The front of Linderhof Palace. This was King Ludwig favorite place to live.
Beautiful fountain that shoots 30m high. It goes off every half hour. The boxes in the background are covers for the other statues, they keep covered during the wintertime.
The Solley Children: Walter, Emily & Andrew.
We are going through the Garden area up to Venus's Grotto
Entrance to the Grotto. King Ludwig had this manmade cave built to resemble one of his favorite stories by his favorite auther/songwriter (Wagner). Inside is a pool area that was heated  so Ludwig could swim in it during the winter months. It has a waterfall, a wave machine, and was even iluminated with many different colors. All this back in the late 1700's....Amazing! 
Good looking Family, so Blessed!
Small Church on the grounds. It didn't need to be big, because most of the time Ludwig was alone. Very Beautiful inside
Still trying these silly self portraits, in front of the Palace!
Inside the grotto....very cool !
We are sitting at the Tea House, and it overlooks the grounds of the palace
The fountain spewing....we caught it just in time
I love this photo......if you could have only heard them laughing...:^)
Great Kids

Sunday, April 11, 2010

MS Walk in Garmicsh Germany ( We Love you Cindy)

Our modified shirts for this years Walk. This post-it note wouldn't stay on, but we tried!!
We Started at the Entrance to the Edelweiss Lodge, and walked through downtowwn Garmisch
Emily leading the way.....
I better catch up, falling behind again
Turned up a side street into a residential area
Paintings you see on sides, and front of houses and buildings
Front of a resturant we passed
walking down a foot path that runs down the middle of privately owned hay fields
One of the many hay sheds you see
Back to where we started, and the children really felt a sense of accomplishment. They really love their Aunt Cindy, and just want her to not have to take medicines/needles everyday! Tears of Joy were shared at the finish line!! :^)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Toboggan Ride/ Alpine Slide = FUN !!

The Alpine Slide on the outskirts of Garmisch. It is right next to the Olympic Ski Jump arena
Walter & Emily going for their first run
and they're off...Emily looks a little nervous
up,up,up,up to the top
first run complete, and now time for many more, they loved it
Start of run number two, or was it three, maybe four....I lost count
Do you think she was having fun????
Walter driving, Emily throwing her hands up.....

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Neuschwanstein Castle

View from the parking lot
Carriage ride up the hill
The castle from the overlook area
Front of the Castle
Castle view from the walk up to Marie's Bridge
Hanging on the overlook!
The Kids pose with their new buddies, and thanked them for hauling us up that hill/mountain
Side veiw shows the size of the!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Garmisch Germany.....The Zugsptize

The Highest mountain peak in Germany
The Kids conquered the snow mound at the top of the mountain
We had a beautiful day, and could see for miles
The Cog train is arriving to take us back down the mountain. This was very cool, but not soo scenic, as the train travels through the mountain mostly!