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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Linderhoff Palace Germany April 2010

The front of Linderhof Palace. This was King Ludwig favorite place to live.
Beautiful fountain that shoots 30m high. It goes off every half hour. The boxes in the background are covers for the other statues, they keep covered during the wintertime.
The Solley Children: Walter, Emily & Andrew.
We are going through the Garden area up to Venus's Grotto
Entrance to the Grotto. King Ludwig had this manmade cave built to resemble one of his favorite stories by his favorite auther/songwriter (Wagner). Inside is a pool area that was heated  so Ludwig could swim in it during the winter months. It has a waterfall, a wave machine, and was even iluminated with many different colors. All this back in the late 1700's....Amazing! 
Good looking Family, so Blessed!
Small Church on the grounds. It didn't need to be big, because most of the time Ludwig was alone. Very Beautiful inside
Still trying these silly self portraits, in front of the Palace!
Inside the grotto....very cool !
We are sitting at the Tea House, and it overlooks the grounds of the palace
The fountain spewing....we caught it just in time
I love this photo......if you could have only heard them laughing...:^)
Great Kids