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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What a wonderful September 2010

Mom And Dad arrived on Sept 2nd 2010, and I picked them up from the Rome Airport. The plan was to surprise the kids with pizza delivered by their Grandparents. WOW, what a shock when they opened the door, screams, jumping up and down, and yes even some tears! It was truly a Great day, all in all. The first trip was to Capua Colosseum, and we ran into one of our friends (Annie Rocks) there taking pictures. Mom & Dad really enjoyed the old Colosseum ruins.
Next adventure was Pisa, Lucca and Montepulciano. We had perfect weather for this trip, and all had a good time. Mom & Dad walked up Mount Vesuvius with Walter, and I drove them past the Sulfatara, and the beautiful overlook of Pozzouli. We attended the Oktoberfest @ the Joint Forces Command base, and they went on a ITT tour to the Caserta Market.
The last week of their stay we drove up to Vicenza, visted Venice, stopped in Treviso, drove up to Garmisch Germany, visited the Neuschwastein Castle, and Hohenschwangua Castle. We had a wonderful Germany lunch that day ( Dad had chicken ). The kids rode the alpine slide the next day, before heading back to Italy. On the Drive back to Italy, we hit Five countries in one day....Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein & of course Italy. We squeezed alot into their stay, and I think they really enjoyed themselves!!

WE LOVED HAVING YOU, and next time it's for two months!!!!!! LOVE YOU MOM & DAD SOLLEY