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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I'm going to try this......

Hello All,

A friend of mine gave me this idea ( Thanks Molly), and I loved her blog so much, I just had to do this for my family & friends back home! So starting today 10/08/2009 I will try to post things going on in our life, so we can share with family & friends!


  1. Been trying to reach you. Today Henry an Sue are coming staying Saturday night and Sunday night on their way to Florida. This is their first vacation in many,many, years. Sure hope it is a good one for them.
    Hope the boys had a fun day with boy scouts. I now Em and Diane can find plenty to do.

  2. Great idea. I blog too but not on a regular schedule.


  3. Walt, Diane, Walter, Andrew,and Emily - we love the blog. We are glad we can keep up with you as the Solley's explore Italy and Europe.